Land Speed Legends

The Legendary Jeff Strasburg

January 31, 2023 Allison Volk Dean Episode 16
Land Speed Legends
The Legendary Jeff Strasburg
Show Notes

THE LEGENDARY JEFF STRASBURG grew up going to the Bonneville Salt
Flats and made his first trip out there at seven years old to watch his big
brother Lindsay race the family’s 1971 Mustang that ran in the C/PROD class.
Jeff set his first record, 185 MPH, at the age of 20 in 1985 driving a C/STR.
But Jeff was just getting warmed up! In 1990 he gained entry into the
Bonneville 200 MPH Club setting a record in a A/BFL at 255MPH and went on to
set a record at El Mirage to become an El Mirage 200 MPH Club member. Jeff
traded his red hat for a blue one when he entered the 300 MPH Chapter in 2014 driving the same lakester at 337 MPH and updated that record 2018 373
MPH! Oh yeah and when not land speed racing their family does a little drag
racing and runs B&J transmissions. Hold on tight this is going to be as good
as cooler full of Coors Light on the salt!